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SEO | SEM | SMO | Posicionamiento y Redes Sociales|

Redes Sociales: en todas partes igual
viernes, febrero 16, 2007

Leo en Seochat un mismo post que escribí hace tiempo sobre las redes sociales y me siento menos sólo. Ahí dan números, porcentajes y demás para explicar el problema de Digg y cómo lo van a solucionar.
Algo así como los top 100 usuarios mueven el 56% de los post de portada en un lugar que tiene 160.000 usuarios registrados

Os voy a compiar aquí el texto pero os recomiendo dirigiros a la fuente original:

"The model seems to be going bad. Bloggers over at http://www.forevergeek.com/ noted that some users dugg in exact sequential order a particular user's posts twice, and then posted a link to the story about it on Digg. Forever Geek's URLs were subsequently banned, although Digg claimed Forever Geek users were inflating diggs artificially, and Kevin Rose actually claimed it was a coincidence. Later Forever Geek's URLs were restored (could posting this article on digg get this URL banned too?). URLs can get banned if enough people complain about the URL or if the site administrator deems it fit. Forever Geek's users have taken to calling these "diggers" who gang up against bad press, and who digg each others stories the "Digg Army."

Digg 4.0

Kevin Rose announced version 4.0 of Digg in order to reduce the power of this "Digg Army," which he is trying hard to disassociate from. In response, the number one user of Digg announced his retirement from the site, citing backstabbing. A small network of users taking control of the web site is rather inevitable, with six million pages served daily and 180 thousand registered users. Any network will grab a large share, since users are alerted when their friends dig stories, and large networks will tend to attract even more people"

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